Frequently Asked Questions About the Interactive Practice Tests

Why doesn't my serial number work?

Please make sure you copied and pasted the serial number correctly from your purchase confirmation page or email. Be especially careful that you do not leave an extra blank space before or after the serial number.

Additionally, make sure your serial number is still valid. Serial numbers are valid for 90 days after the first use, or 10 uses, whichever comes first.

My Interactive Practice Test is not displaying properly on my device. What’s wrong?

You're most likely using an unsupported browser or your browser needs updating. Due to the interactivity of our practice tests, we designed them using the latest technology found in the following browsers. Please upgrade to one of them:

Why didn’t the practice test give me a pass/fail or scaled score?

Your practice test provides you with information about the number of correct answers in each content category but will not produce a total scaled score that you can use to determine whether you will pass the actual test. This is because the practice test has not been administered in an operational setting, and the statistical information needed to determine the number of correct answers corresponding to a given scaled score is not available.

I completed the test, but all of my answers were missing when I scored it and I cannot see the rationales for the correct answers. What happened?

One of the following issues may prevent your device from capturing and scoring your Interactive Practice Test. Unfortunately, the solution to fix the problem will cause you to lose the answers you submitted. We understand this is frustrating and recommend that you try one of the solutions below, then log back into your practice test, randomly answer a few items and score the test to see if the issue is resolved. If successful, you can close the practice test and begin again, knowing the scoring engine is working as expected.

  1. Your Internet connection is slow or your browser may have been running for a long time (using your device’s memory), making it impossible for our scoring engine to fully run. Try clearing the history from your browser or use another browser.
    How to clear browser history:
  2. For your interactive practice test to capture and hold your answers, you must have cookies enabled on your browser. To review and modify your security settings, please refer to your browser’s support pages.
Each time I take the Interactive Practice Test I purchased, I see the same set of questions. Why?

Each Interactive Practice Test consists of one set of test questions. Taking the same practice test more than once does not give you different test questions or change the order in which the questions are delivered.

I completed the test, how do I review the answers? Is it possible to view the rationales for the correct and incorrect answers?

After a Test Taker answers the last question, they will click the Review Button, which takes you to the Review Screen. The Review screen lists all questions on the test and their status: answered or unanswered. Note: In this practice test, you can go to any question in the test regardless of whether you have already seen it, and you can sort the questions by content category as well as numerically. The Review Screen, includes the Score Practice Test button. Once you click Score Practice Test, the practice test ends and you are able to view your practice test scores. You will then be able to click on the oval that is marked with either a checkmark or X. It will take you back to the question and provide reasoning for the best answer choice.

What counts as one of my 10 uses?

Once you click the "Start Practice Test" button within the interactive practice test, it counts as one of your 10 uses. This is true even if you don’t complete the test.

When does my 90 day subscription begin?

Your 90 day subscription begins to count down from the date/time you first used your serial number.

How do I print my scores or individual questions with rationales?

Your scores are not saved after you exit the practice test, so we recommend printing them if you would like to review them again. To print your scores, go to the Score Summary page and use the Print function in your Internet browser. You can use this same process to print each question with its rationale for future reference

Why can’t I turn off the test timer?

You may hide the timer but it cannot be turned off. Our practice tests include an automatic timer that indicates the time remaining once the test begins. You can use the timer to help pace yourself. If time runs out while you are still taking the test, you have the option to continue until you reach the five-hour session time limit.

I need assistance with using my Interactive Practice Test. Who do I contact?

You may contact our customer service team by:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-609-771-7243
    Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time
    (except for U.S. holidays)